Hello There,


My name is Pedro. I reside in Springfield Oregon. I speak two languages; one being English and the other one Spanish.


Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I married a wonderful woman that truthfully I don't deserve, her name is Zadoth. She is a wonderful and hardworking woman. I'm also a father to a handsome and cute baby boy named Yeshua and a father to a wonderful and adorable baby girl named Ahava. I can honestly say that I am amazingly blessed with my little family. I love playing with my kids and talking to them; I think it's amazing how honest and sweet their conversations can get. I love spending time with my little family, either walking with them or painting with them. I also enjoy baking, working on motorcycles and riding them. I have this curse that makes me like old cars and old motorcycles.


As for my hands and creativity, I love to make things with them. From building furniture and carving wood, or making art with a mix of different medias like acrylic paint, with metal, wood and leather. I very much enjoy welding metal and fabricating it by hand; there's just something so awesome about forming metal and the hard work you put in to it, the satisfaction at the end of the day after you are done with the piece. The same falls in design; I love to conceptualize on a design or idea I have, and just work through the design process to the finish product; whether its a little project at home or a logo design. For some reason my head never really stops designing, it's just always thinking how to make things better or what's new to design.


Well I don't think it's fair to keep writing about me.

So I'll stop there, but if you would like to talk, drop me a line and we can always talk.


Thank you for taking your time on reading this, I appreciate that.

Please take care and I wish you the best.


Pedro Cuevas




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